Public Sector Tofu – “PST”

The employees of San Mateo County work hard to help us sustain and even improve our daily lives. They fight fires, criminals, energetic children, and grumpy adults.

THANK YOU San Mateo County for such a warm welcome to the neighborhood! As a token of our deep appreciation for your patronage, Soon’s Tofu would like to offer San Mateo County’s public sector workers the following specials, good for the rest of the year:

1) Show us your work badge and we’ll give you 10% off your first bill.

2) Bring a group of 6 adults or more and get a FREE complementary Korean Pancake.

3) Check in using Facebook or Yelp on your phones and we’ll give you a free soft drink.


2 thoughts on “Public Sector Tofu – “PST”

  1. Dear Soon’s:

    I’m excited to hear of another Korean eatery opening near to where I work!!
    Is the “PST” promotion still valid and will my City of San Mateo ID badge work?

    Thank you,

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